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Annotations (5)

  • dc:creator "Guido Vetere"
  • dcterms:license "CC-BY-SA, Isagog Srl"
  • rdfs:comment "A non categorial ontology"
  • rdfs:comment "Concepts in this ontology are not 'categories', as they do not (necessarily) satisfy mutual exclusivity and domain exhaustiveness. Root classes are not disjoint, therefore it is possible to predicate different ontological aspects of the same individual. For instance, there's no need to represent a book (object) and its content (information) as two separate individuals (even if nothing prevents to do that), since the same individual can be assigned to both classes.
    By allowing regular polysemy, this ontology reduces compatibility issues among different possible worlds (interpretations). On the other hand, this approach allows unintended (by someone) models. Nevertheless, nothing prevents to supplement categorial axioms (e.g. disjointness) in a separate layer, when restrictions on intended models are a priority."
  • rdfs:label "Isagog upper ontology"