Enter the future infosphere with Knowledge Graphs

Enter the future infosphere with Knowledge Graphs

Data semantics and safe AI to manage knowledge that matters to you

Enter the future infosphere with Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge is a conceptual network that grows every day

Turning information into sharable knowledge is vital for any organization. But knowledge is scattered across a multitude of heterogeneous information sources, or ruled by monopoly giants. Growing complexity and new regulatory frameworks drive organizations to acquire ownership and control over their information processes. At the same time, global competition requires increasing data insight.

Knowledge Graphs enable this change.


We bring Knowledge Graphs into your organization

Unleashing the power of Knowledge Graphs is not just about technology. Instead, it requires conceptual modeling, analysis of many types of information sources, integration with existing infrastructures, processes, and people. We lead you in this transformation by providing consultancy, education, support, as well as open resources and free software.

Our mission is to give you complete control of the knowledge on which your business depends.


What you can get

About us

Isagog integrates strategic, scientific, and technical vision into effective transformation actions

Founding Partners

Former Research Director at IBM Italia, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at University Guglielmo Marconi, board member at the Agency for Digital Italy AI Task Force, researcher in language, semantics and knowledge representation.

Guido Vetere

Chief innovation editor at Nòva (Il Sole 24 Ore), faculty member of Master MIND - Management and Innovation Design of Università Sant'Anna di Pisa and Stanford, research topics include knowledge economy, social media and information ecology, value and vision.

Luca De Biase